Immediately Release : July 29, 2020
Jul 29, 2020

After the Town of Brighton refused to provide public documents requested by the community, the community had no choice but to bring legal action to get the documents. Supervisor Moehle called the lawsuit “frivolous”, but the Court disagreed and ordered the documents to be produced in 10 days.

These documents include such basic things as the intended building plans showing what the Developer intends to build, and whether the Developer has obtained the traffic mitigation easements that Supervisor Moehle assured the public would be in place before any building permit was issued. These are all public documents, but both the Town and the Developer have vigorously resisted providing these materials for public review.

“Brighton Town residents deserve full transparency from Supervisor Moehle”, said Howie Jacobson, founder of Brighton Grassroots representing over 1,400 citizens. “Why does the Supervisor continue to give ‘special deals’ to this developer?”.

For information: contact Howie Jacobson

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