Fellow Brighton Residents: There’s Still Time to Shrink the Whole Foods Plaza! Be Prepared To Vote in 2023!
Sep 20, 2022

Our trial involving the size of Whole Foods Plaza is scheduled to begin December 5. If we win, the public will have a chance to vote on the plaza’s size in 2023.

Don’t be fooled by the buildings and construction there. The Court just warned the developer for a fifth time that they are building “at their own risk” until the lawsuits are decided. We intend to win! Here are our goals:

Shrink the Plaza, Ease the Traffic!

  • There are simply too many buildings and stores being packed into that plaza.
  • Only about 5% of it has opened, and yet traffic is already a mess, just as the DOT
  • predicted (warning of “gridlock”).
  • In addition to the Whole Foods and Starbucks, as many as 20 more stores could open.
  • Traffic will get much worse if we don’t shrink the plaza.
  • There can still be a Whole Foods, but in a smaller, right-sized plaza.

Stop the Special Deal!

  • The Town Supervisor gave the developer a special deal that by-passed standard
  • zoning limits.
  • He allowed approximately 30% of the plaza to extend into a residential zone.
  • This gave the developer more space to build more stores and to collect millions more
  • in rent, which the community will pay for!
  • If we win at trial, the public will have a chance to shrink the plaza, keep it inside the commercial zone, prevent further Monroe Ave gridlock, and impose accountability on our local government.

Ensure a Public Vote in 2023!

  • If we win at trial, the public will have a chance to vote in 2023 on the size of the plaza.
  • We know why the Developer is trying to stop the vote. It wants to preserve its lucrative, special deal, but why is the Town opposed to a vote? Why is it helping the developer and trying to silence its own residents?
  • Our Brighton neighbors have the legal right to vote on the plaza’s size – but the Town has ignored this right!
  • Let’s protect our neighborhoods from commercial development.
  • Join our fight to make sure your voice – and the Brighton Community – is heard at the polls.


Brighton Grassroots is comprised of over 1,100 Brighton residents who care deeply about our Town, want to protect Monroe Ave, and do not believe the community should have to pay for this special deal between the Developer and the Town Supervisor. Our rules should apply equally to everyone. Join us in ensuring accountability in our Town government.

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