Correcting Inaccurate/Misleading Information
Sep 22, 2018

The community needs to know that Mr. Moehle’s “update” submitted to the Facebook group page of Brighton, NY USA Parents & Neighbors is inaccurate and misleading. We deserve better as a community. The simple truth is that Mr. Moehle gave this developer a sweetheart deal to bypass 22 zoning approvals, encroach 3 acres into a residential zone, add 18-20 additional stores and a Starbucks drive thru at the Whole Foods/Amazon Plaza, plus 2 new stoplights on Monroe Ave (which is already one of the most congested and accident prone stretches of highway in Monroe County) - - all of this based on an inadequate traffic study.

Mr. Moehle has also allowed this Developer to have 2 of his new parcels assessed for years at $2,450,100 million , instead of the $9,500,000 million the Developer paid for them (already costing the community significant tax revenues, solely to benefit this Developer).  

Mr. Moehle does not tell people that he is giving this Developer $17 million in benefits, in exchange for a few hundred thousand dollars of trail improvements that could have been required anyway under regular zoning, at no cost to the community.

Mr. Moehle does not tell people that the $400,000 in new taxes is an exaggeration, as about 3/4 of that would occur anyway if this Plaza were built to standard zoning limits.

Brighton Grassroots did not ask for this task, but we love this Town and cannot sit by and watch our community be harmed by the careless acts of its elected officials. Learn more.  

If you have not done so already, stay informed as to what is going on in our town hall by visiting our Home page and submitting your email address. Get involved!

Howie Jacobson, Founding Memeber, 3rd generation Brightonian

"Democracy can only flourish with sunlight.” (Thomas Jefferson)

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