Brighton Property Tax Finding
Aug 28, 2018

Did YOUR property get reassessed for market value? Guess whose did not –
the Developer of the Whole Foods Plaza!

Clover Lanes Tax Bill
Mamasan Tax Bill
Clover Lanes Tax Info
Mamasan Tax Info


  • Assessment before sale: $1,650,000
  • Sale price (sold 2014): $7,000,000
  • Current assessment: $1,650,000


  • Assessment before sale: $800,000
  • Sale price (sold 2016): $2,500,000
  • Current assessment: $800,100

Why have we all been reassessed when he has not?
Why are our taxes at market value (or above) and his are not?

Call/email Supervisor Moehle and ask WHY?*
585-784-5252 /

Why does Mr. Moehle let this developer avoid paying taxes we all have to pay? AND - Why does Mr. Moehle let this developer avoid all of the zoning standards that apply to the rest of us?

As Mr. Moehle properly said: people need to pay taxes “according to the actual value of people’s real estate.” (D&C December 13, 2017) Why doesn’t he treat the Whole Foods Developer like the rest of us?

Brighton Grassroots is comprised of citizens who want honest, transparent government. We did not ask for this job, but we love our town and can’t stand by and do nothing.

*Property vacancy is not an excuse- other vacant properties in Brighton were also reassessed at purchase price, so do not accept that for an answer!

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