Brighton Grassroots Persistence Pays Off!
Nov 22, 2019

Last September, BGR demanded that the Town of Brighton force the Daniele Family Companies to comply with the Planning Board site plan conditions that required disturbed areas to be covered with topsoil and reseeded.

In response to BGR’s demand, the Town issued a Violation Notice to the Daniele Family and, when that was ignored, took court action.

BGR attended court today to let the Town know the public was watching.

“We are pleased that the Town of Brighton is enforcing this Code Violation and will not be giving another ‘special deal’ to this Developer”, said Howie Jacobson, BGR Founding member.

The Daniele Family agreed to do the following by December 3, 2019:

  1. Either (a) Provide an engineer’s report to the Town that the Clover Lanes pad already has 6” of topsoil and has been reseeded; or (b) Apply 6” topsoil to the Clover Lanes building pad and reseed.
  2. Seed the parking lot in front of the Clover Lanes pad.
  3. Cover the Mario’s building pad with 6” of topsoil and reseed.
  4. Stabilize all areas without vegetative cover with straw.

If this is not done by December 3rd, the parties will appear in Town Court on December 4th at 2:15 PM and the Town may seek retroactive fines going back to the date it issued the Notice of Violation.

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